Here is some additional information about the wonderful partners we have which has resulted in the best equipped studio for food in London. We have been lucky enough to hand pick them as they are the best in their field. We would like to thank them for their continued support and love the fact the studio is so cool because of them.


Howard Shooter has been a food photographer and food director for over 20 years.

Over that time he has worked on many International and National food brands whether they be editorial, PR, Packaging, Design and Advertising. He mainly shoots design and advertising food photography currently and specialises in visual branding and re-branding for household names. These include the new look for Wagamama, Giraffe, Ed’s Diner, Mr Kipling, Weetabix, Alpen, Mission and Del Ugo (which has seen their new look help them to become market leader in the fresh filled pasta market).

Howard Shooter also directs food films for everyone from Dolmio, Marks and Spencer, Kikkoman, Aldi and Tesco.

He has been Creative Consultant for National Geographic Food shooting two of their covers and has been a finalist in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year for the last 5 years.

It is with this experience which has helped him create a food studio hire business which really understands the needs of not just the photographer and director, but also the food stylist, props stylist and DOP.

Food Studio Hire
Unit A, 44 St. Pauls Crescent
Camden, London NW1 9TN


Can we do a recce on the studios2022-12-16T15:01:58+00:00

Of course, no problem at all but please give us notice so we can check that it is OK with whoever might be using the space.

Do you have any garden space and can we use a BBQ2022-12-16T14:35:40+00:00

We have a friendly neighbor who will always let us use his garden on request. There is an additional fee , please see the garden section for more details and we are happy to use a BBQ in his space.

What additional studio equipment do you have in the studio2022-12-16T14:35:19+00:00

We have deep fat fryers, induction hobs, irons and ironing boards, trestle tables, reflectors, sous vide machine, Ooni pizza oven, knife sharpener. Please call us for anything more specific.

Do we have a lift2022-12-16T14:34:54+00:00

Sadly no… we’re only a relatively small setup up so there’s nowhere to put one. Sorry!

Do we have Three Phase2022-12-16T14:34:37+00:00

Yes… but please check to make sure we have the right connection. It is a minefield but we do have 32 amp and 16 amp in each studio.

Are there safe places to leave the bikes2022-12-16T14:34:19+00:00

Yes, either in one of our garages or there are bike racks immediately on the left hand side as you go through the gate.

How do you get in and out of the studio2022-12-16T14:33:58+00:00

On arriving please press the arrow on the intercom system and press either “Unit A” or “Howard Shooter”. Once through the gate we are immediately on the right hand side. Because of the nature of the way the gate works this is preferable than phoning the studio up.

On leaving please go to the far right of the gate and press the green button on the side of the dark green box.

Why do you now charge an energy fee2022-12-16T14:33:40+00:00

We wanted to be as transparent as possible so instead of increasing our studio fees we’ve had to add on an additional fee to cover the additional cost in energy prices.

About the studios2022-12-16T14:33:24+00:00

As a rule we tend to think of the larger studio 1 as suitable for cook ups, commercials, podcasts, livesteams and filming in general Studio 2 can be used for all of these things but is a little smaller so more suitable for smaller filming shoots and stills photography.

What is the nearest props house2022-12-16T14:33:05+00:00

Backgrounds Prop Hire are literally a 2 minute drive away and we also have a very extensive props collection for hire in our dedicated props room.

What are the closest stations2022-12-16T14:32:47+00:00

Camden Town and Kings Cross underground stations are a 15 minute walk away. Camden overground station is a little nearer. Maps can be seen under contact.

What supermarkets are nearby2022-12-16T14:36:54+00:00

Of the large supermarkets there is a Waitrose in Kings Cross and a Sainsburys in Camden. Closer to home there is a Nisa, local supermarket and small Sainsburys within a five minute walk.

Are dogs allowed2022-12-16T14:36:50+00:00

We are very dog friendly, (assuming the dog is friendly 🙂 ) Just let us know beforehand in case anyone suffers from any allergies.

What lunch options are available2022-12-16T14:36:41+00:00

We tend to use Deliveroo which has over 300 options which directly deliver to our studios. Feel free to bring in outside caterers as an alternative.

Do you provide tea and coffee2022-12-16T14:36:38+00:00

We provide excellent bean to cup coffee which is provided by one of our partners, Artisan Coffee. There are a vast range of teas to choose from including good old builders tea. We also always provide milk and milk alternatives on request.

What happens if we need equipment or props on the day2022-12-16T14:36:34+00:00

Props will always be available and charged as per the day rate of £150 ex vat. If the equipment is available it is always on site and usual charges apply.

How clean do we need to leave the studios2022-12-19T13:31:04+00:00

Most people leave the studios in a clean state. We don’t expect them to be exactly as you found them but respecting the spaces is always important. If the studio is left in a complete mess we do have the right to charge a fee for additional time needed to clean the space.

Do you have a health and safety policy2022-12-16T14:30:43+00:00

All studios come equipped with annually inspected fire extinguishers, fire blankets, a first aid kit and emergency lighting. The main doors are the main exit in the event of evacuation.

What is your overtime policy2022-12-16T14:36:21+00:00

We charge per hour before 8.30am and after 6.00pm. Rates are available on the website. If you run over we will stay open until you finish, usual rates apply.

How many spaces are there for parking2022-12-16T14:29:51+00:00

Please email us with any parking requests. Depending on how busy the studio is, has an effect on how many spaces might be available but we guarantee that each studio has 2 spaces (if they require them). The parking charges are on the website under rates.


We will invoice you within 5 days and the terms are strictly 30 days. All prices exclude VAT

What is your cancellation policy2022-12-16T14:29:09+00:00

We will always try to be as flexible and understanding as possible as we know some changes are unavoidable for personal reasons.

If you confirm a booking and cancel up to a week before we will charge you 50% of the studio hire fee.

If you confirm a booking and cancel within 24 hours we will charge you 100% of the cancellation fee.

How do you book the studio2022-12-16T14:28:40+00:00

We ask for provisional and confirmed bookings to be made in writing via an email to Feel free to call us with any questions or availability beforehand on 020 7267 8414.

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